Thoridyss Arkynsdottir

Skjaeren; Priestess of Mt. Kivir Temple


Thoridyss is a slender, 19 year old Aarensfolk Vesten woman of average height (5’6”). She is cleric of minor renown that remains pious to Vesten traditions and beliefs. She is attractive by Vesten standards, though her striking raven colored hair, fair skin, and brilliant amethyst eyes draw attention where ever she goes. It is known that Aarensfolk Skjaren’s eyes display this purple/amethyst feature and exhibit greater color as they grow in Laerdom strength; however the girl’s eyes shine with a brilliance comparable alike master Skjaeren of her tribe since her birth. These features carry credence amongst her people as being hallowed by the Grumfather to which has deemed her the reputation of a spiritualist. At the same time, she has disappointed many that held her in greatly exaggerated or imagined capabilities, much to her dismay.


Thoridyss Arkynsdottir

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