The Vestenmannavnjar are engaged in a great civil war with their Vendel cousins. The Vesten cling to their ancient traditions of their ancestors, following the “Good Ways” and the Living Runes. The Vendel strive to civilize and move to a more modern and prosperous future. The division has changed the face of this nation and as war now rages on.

The Vesten fight with their wits and steel while the Vendel fight with gunpowder and gold. Both sides battle for the same reasons; some fight for vengeance, some for personal gain, while others fight simply because it is the way of the ancestors. Despite their differences in beliefs, they are still of the same lands and ancestral blood.

This is the chronicle of a few brave Vesten who are trying to live a life of honor and tradition in these troubled times in the Isles of the North.

(This campaign is inspired by the 13th Warrior, Elders Scrolls: Skyrim, and Vikings: History Channel)

As Long as We Remember...

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