As Long as We Remember...

Honoring the Gods

The fishermen gathered at the dock, unloading their nets of the day’s large catch. Thoridyss weaved through the working men and women and stood at the end. One of the master fishermen approached and handed her a simple wood carving of a fish jumping out of the water, wrapped in a silver, jeweled arm band. The older fisher man called out to a young lad who joined them.

“Maer,” (milady) the older man addressed her formally; “This is Jhens. This was his first time as lead in our find today. I feel he deserves the honor of the cast this day.”
Thoridyss smiled and looked to Jhens as his eyes darted bashfully. “Do you have an offering?” Jhens said nothing and fumbled with a large fish that slipped from his hands as he tried to retrieve it embarrassed. A few chuckles came at the boy’s expense as the others gathered around them. Thoridyss held up the small idol offering to the sky then turned towards the waters of the channel. “Oh great and generous, Njord, lord of the waters!” she called out reverently, “We gave thanks and offerings unto you for bestowing us with this fruitful bounty. Praise unto you this day!”

She handed the idol to Jhens and exchanged it for the fish. Jhens drew back and threw the carving as far as he could into the depths of the channel as it splashed under the passing waters. Jhens beamed rather proudly as he turned to Thoridyss who proceed to motion him to a knee. Jhens knelt down in front of her as Thoridyss drew a blade and gutted the fish. She took a small trickle of the fish blood onto her fingertip. Thoridyss passed the fish carcass to the old man as she drew the rune of Kyndight in the blood onto Jhens chest. “Njord favors you this day, Jhens. Honor his aid. May he continue to guide and protect you upon his waters.” Jhens stood, Thoridyss placed a soft kiss on his lips, and the crowd cheered respectfully. Jhens smiled sheepishly and stumbled his way through the crowd clumsily.
Thoridyss chuckled to herself as she looked back out into the channel as the fishermen cleared the dock. She felt the breeze slowly die down and shift from north to south. She scanned the skies watching the thin clouds curl slightly and shift direction as Olyn came up beside her. “What is it?” Olyn inquired in a gruff tone.

“Someone has altered the winds. They will be coming upstream from the south.”

“How long?”

“They are not making great haste, it would seem, yet I would assume by evening or dark.”

“I’ll warn the others.” Olyn replied ominously.

Thoridyss turned and halted him, “Wait! I do not feel this is ill tidings. There is no need to raise an alarm. Have a few volunteer to be lookouts on the ridge, just to be sure.” Olyn nodded and strode off towards the village proper. Thoridyss turned back toward the channel and quietly held vigil, hoping no ill will ventured their way.



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